Monday, August 18, 2008

New-ish Bar I Dig

I'm not going to tell you what it's called yet, or exactly where it is, because I hate people like me with a pen who ruin new places. Not that it's that new or unknown - indeed not, for there is always a healthy crowd on the weekends. It's just that I think I am going to have some sort of gathering here one day soon and want to keep the spot as low-key as possible, at least for a little while longer. Oh, and the bartender spotted me a drink this Saturday too - so I am being a bit selfish. So I'll give you this much for now: It's in Williamsburg, this is a photo of it and it is a little bit more suitable for the older set who wants to drink and chat in interesting olde-style surroundings. And the bartenders wear vests. Cute.

If you are dying for the name and address, either be patient or drop me an email and I will consider letting the Lillet out of the bottle.

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