Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Stand by the 80s

Last night, my friend was posting all kinds of photos online, mostly from the 80s, and it moved me to note at least one good thing about that time in fashion: it was fun. Call it cheesy, stupid, retarded...whatever, but at least it didn't take it self too seriously. And we were from NJ after all.

So here's me prior to a holiday semi-formal dance my senior year of high school. I wasn't really the norm among my friends in terms of my wardrobe, for I was a young Guerilla in training. I am pretty sure I bought the dress at Metropolitan(?) in Nyack, NY. I can't remember where I got the Whodini hat, but I literally just got rid of it like 2 months ago. I still have the necklace in my jewelry box - it was my mother's chain with a pendant that my dad got at a sample sale - he bought me a few things from there, I believe designed by "Krasne II" (I have to check when I get home tonight). I also know for sure that I was sporting Betsey Johnson thigh-highs, although you cannot see them. woo woo! Oh and I still have the earrings too. But probably not the lavender eye shadow.

And it's amazing what a 99-cent bottle of peroxide can do for one's hair color.

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Anonymous said...

What you say about clothes is true, but it's equally true about 80s hair. Hair has been very dull since the 80s ended.