Friday, November 27, 2009

Don't Be a Swine In Line: Nancy Brenner's Black Friday and Sample Sale Rules of the Game

1. Don't say "I just went to get coffee" and pretend you were on line
in the drizzle/snow/cold/wind/heat for hours with the rest of us.
Besides, any true shopper would avoid liquids before a massive grab

2. Most overused catch phrase is "I think my friend is in the front."
That's nice, see where the back of the line is around that Avenue?
Catch up post sale and compare your booty - don't disrespect everyone
who got up early/took a day off/traveled in from another state to get
a head start.

3. Let go if that Moschino that doesn't work for you. Women hang out
to a dress like it's a life raft leaving the Titanic even if they
can't get it over their body armor Spanx or if the color casts the hue
of Kermit the Frog.

4. Don't block and tackle. This is not Super Bowl Sunday. Some
shoppers have taken to hurling their entire body across a clothes rack to
ensure that you won't pass them and view the items at the end of the
rack before you do.

5. The Mirror. Unless you brought your own, don't act like you did.
This is not a taping of America's Top Model. Stop preening and
prancing and doing splits in front of what may be the only mirror in
the room. Ladies - you know who you are!

Economic times are tough...but that doesn't mean you have to be too.

Happy hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Great post and might I add, don't change infrint of the mirror. That drives me crazy. If u need to button 10 buttons on the shirt step aside. Sometimes I wonder who or what raised these "people."