Monday, November 16, 2009

Guerilla Shopper Discovers Gem in Chelsea: LINGO

By sheer accident - but perhaps there are no accidents - I discovered my new favorite west side store: Lingo. This one-woman store offers designs from independent artisans (Hapiru, Cinderloop...) from around the country at prices that are digestible.

While there are some funky groovin' casual pieces, many of the garments are work-appropriate - or can be made to look that way - especially for women who work in a slightly creative field, but who still need to look somewhat "buttoned-up:" media, architecture, design, etc. I tried about 19 things on and bought three - pictured above. [Check out the black & grey Mad Men dress. Naughty!!] She also has a wide selection of belts and jewelry that I dug, but had to draw the budgetary line at.
In addition to the great wears, I had a grand old time with the owner who was very helpful and interesting simultaneously- in the way that you wish a salesperson would always be.
So! If you live near or find yourself on W. 19th St. one fine afternoon (257 W. 19th St. to be exact) - near the Joyce Theater - I implore you to stop in.
Closed Mondays.

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