Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sacco: Low-Heeled Black Leather Boots that Fit

Oh Joy to the World! I have been questing for black leather boots that don't hobble me with their 4-inch stiletto heels, for I need to book around town, you know!

After looking in every major department store, and frankly every shoe store I walked by, I finally found what I needed at Sacco on the Upper West Side (though they have other locations, such as Chelsea and near Union Square).

I was torn between the sleek-and-pointy short boots and the tall "cop" boots that laced up the back - mainly because I could not believe my great good fortune that they actually zipped all the way up. So I did what any lady would. I bought them both. And lucky for me, all boots were $50 off a pair last weekend - although I think that special is over for now. Not exactly what I would call cheap, but so much better than the usual $700+ per pair - each cost less than $300.

The shorties also come in a longie, but they refused to zip all the way up. Sacco does provide a boot-stretching service for those of us whose calves are bigger than 14-inches. Which apparently is not so rare, seeing how there was a woman taking them up on that offer in my presence.

I have worn them both already and find them to be more comfortable than any boots I have owned in a very long time. As such, I am booking around town in style, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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