Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Stores I Happened Upon and Really Like

Exquisite Costume: I accidentally happened upon this vintage boutique on a part of Broome St. that I may have never tread on before. I was pretty blown away by the selection, which includes pieces from the 1800s! The pictured dress from the 60s can be purchased immediately off the website for $600.

New York Vintage: I must have gone into this Chelsea-located store before, right? It is amazing! It's not your run-of-the mill vintage store, it's more like falling back in time into the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer dressing room circa 1939 (well, except for the part where they have clothes that are newer than that, but you get my drift). Clean, vibrant, extremely well-organized and flush with thrilling apparel this place is celebrity-status. Literally. Stylists, get your vintage Oscars gowns here. And for those of you who have (top-conditioned) clothes and accessories that you inherited from your grandmother but will never wear or use, you might be able to make some money. Give 'em a call - 212-647-1107.

Pas de Deux: I happened upon this fine boutique on my way to Veniero's the other night, which may be why I probably could not fit into anything! Just amazing clothes from top designers such as rag & bone and Philip Lim, et al. Not cheap, but inspiring to peruse...

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