Thursday, November 05, 2009

Report from the Front: Moschino at Aeffe Showroom

Nancy Brenner reports...
If you are a fan of Moschino, or one of the other lines at this multi-line sale, probably nothing will stop you from shopping...

Tips for shopping Moschino:
  • Prices look super cheap - but one set of numbers is Euro - ask before trying on - otherwise you'll be disappointed.
  • Head to the back rack for the Moschino Lingerie line - there were several nice "sleepwear pieces" like a black velvet top with rhinestones - embrace the inner wear as outerwear trend - no one will know - unless you tell them.
  • Multiple lines, so many price points - try Moschino Cheap and Chic for the most affordable fashions.
  • Rack checking - key as merchandise returns from the crowded dressing room
  • Study the brand online - one shopper spotted a black skirt from the runway slide show
  • Sizing - mostly sample, but many jackets are roomy
  • Markdown day - Saturday, but who knows what's left... or maybe you'll see it later on Gilt
  • Slim down your holdings - this is one of those sales where you check everything and just carry around your wallet and cell

An admonition: this is not a super cheap sale, so be prepared to spend. Shoppers seem unaffected by economy - one mother with two daughters are regulars and they seemed set on being new wardrobes... what did they do with last year's coats? One daughter wanted to spend the day there instead of hitting other sales. A whole day at a sample sale - that takes more stamina than the New York City Marathon or extra innings at the World Series.

Bear in mind, that a purple Alberta Ferretti dress was still over $600 - Can a Ferretti come between you and your IRA? This is not an impulse purchase.

Aeffe 30 West 56th Street sale through November 7th - hours from 10-6

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