Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't Go to the 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken, NJ

I attended a great fun wedding this weekend for one of my dearest and tallest friends. The weather was perfect, ceremony lovely, reception most enjoyable...and then there was the after party at the 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken.

This photo may have been the best thing about our experience there - never mind the mediocre $11 drinks and bartenders with major ' about the fact that the happy newlyweds had reserved a room in advance at the 3 Forty, and upon our arrival found out that almost the entire wedding party and about half of the guests were not allowed to enter the establishment. Why? Because they didn't have their IDs. Except that some people without ID were let in. There were no apologies, no accomodations...just a lot of NO. NO NO.

Now I don't know about you, but, a. this is not Kentucky, i.e. we are not engaged and underaged, so the likelihood that the wedding party was older than 21, and likely older than 31 was a pretty safe bet. And b. I have never been asked for my ID upon entering a wedding party. Have YOU?

This place sucks. On its Web site it even says, "for all of the anti-Manhattanites..." You got that sh*t straight.

However! We continued on to the city where we mingled at the bar at 60 Thompson and got our grooves back. In fact it turned out to be one of the most fun weddings on record, I believe most every guest would agree!


Anonymous said...

You are being far too kind to the 340, you have to realize that the 340 is just another Olive Garden pretending to be a real restaurant. Much like how a Kansan can feel comfortable in a casino named Paris or New York and never understand how people would go to the real thing, the 340 is for Jerseyites who love to look at Manhattan from a distance without tasting the real deal.
Who else would dare charge $12 for a martini in jersey?
BTW, the food is just as bad as the service. Maybe it's best to just ignore them and hope they go away.

Anonymous said...

As one of the guests on that night, and you did look lovely by the way, I was amazed at just how obstinate and crass the staff could be.
One guest was double charged for a drink, then threatened with being thrown out for politely pointing out the mistake. After the ID incident, the owner himself phoned the other bars on the block to tell them not to let in anyone from the wedding party. That goes beyond being a wimpy stickler for the rules and goes to a new low of douchebaggery.

Anonymous said...

that's me up there. i was smiling before i tasted the tenderloin. actually the food wasn't entirely awful but the people.... BAH!!!! if i wanted attitude i'd have cracked someone over the head with an upholstered chair. just because you have pretty asia de cuba curtains doesn't give you license to be a total dick.

Anonymous said...

the one thing i'd like to point out is that they had no problem with letting people in regardless of id until tsahai - who happens to be jamaican - showed up. then it becomes a problem? i don't get it? why were a lot of others let in without id before her?

Anonymous said...

honestly, this place is just another hoboken loser receptical. the owner is a RACIST! and they are TERRIBLE party planners! the manager was nowhere to be seen. personally, i think this place is just another watering hole for the under-educated, bland, what loser population of hoboken. those idiots can all eat a hot dog.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the mere thought of this evening riles me up.

The day was perfect. The reception had just ended and the wedding party and guests were on their way to the pre-arranged after party. We were all discussing what a great day it was, and how excited we were to continue the party with some champagne to celebrate!! We arrive and I approach the door with all the gifts in hand along with a box with the top of the cake in it. I am also with 2 of the other bridesmaids (evident as we are all wearing the same dress). I was asked for ID, to which I nice and calmly replied, "I am so sorry, but as you can see I have no hands available to hold the ID or a purse to put it in, but I am in the wedding party and have the bride's gifts." Out of nowhere, this English prick, who I later find out is the owner, starts yelling at me that I will not be allowed entry- completely confrontational for no reason. Excuse me for wanting to come into your crappy New Jersey bar and drop hundreds of dollars on champagne. How ignorant of me.

As much as I would like to say I look under 21, I clearly look the 30 years that I am.

3 Forty Grill is terrible. The service was atrocious, the people there are cheesey, and I swear I saw a roach crawling on someone's table.

Thank goodness for 60 Thompson!

Anonymous said...

oh yes 60 thompson was awesome! 340 grill is a sh*t hole serviing over-priced, WATERED DOWN drinks! by the way, i saw one of the waiters picking his nose.