Friday, June 29, 2007

Kifka+Heller: The Dress that Keeps on Giving...

I have mentioned Kifka+Heller on these e-pages before. Designer Scott Stargardt designed and customized one of his best dresses for me and I busted it out at my friends' wedding last weekend. Not only was it 2-dresses-in-1 (chocolate on one side/wheat on the other), but apparently it was also made of some sort of "dude magnet" material. Or maybe it's just me ;) But I didn't have this many 20-year olds talk to me when I was a 20-year old, which was, of course, VERY recently.

While I would say the "wheat" side of the dress, which was what I wore at the reception, was more stunning...the photos of me at that point in the day were not so stunning. So you get to see the more demure side at the ceremony. Yes, that is me in between the Gaultier girl and the Flavio Castellani chick. And no I didn't wear flip flops all day. I wore the other deadly Christian Louboutin's that you sort of see in the other photo. They were HOT, but not so comfortable and not great to walk on grass with. Shocking, I know.

In between the ceremony and the reception, Gaultier girl and I stopped for a bite and while sitting on a bench outside of a clothing boutique, the owner rushed out and exclaimed, "where did you get those dresses!?" I thought she was coming out to yell at us, but she was so taken by the dress she couldn't hold back. And I was even still wearing the demure dress pictured above at this point.

So if anyone from the wedding has a photo of me in the wheat dress looking like the supermodel that I am (on Mars), send it along!

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