Monday, June 04, 2007

Personal Affairs: E. 80th St.

I have written about Personal Affairs before (aka "pa"), and am now almost overwhelmed with the fashion coincidence - I am a personal neighbor of this store that I enjoy so much. Our first meeting a few months ago in a word?: Kismet.

So anyway, this German designer dishes up a number of interesting styles - I find that my large American frame makes it difficult for me to wear many of their structured tops and jackets (many of which I love), but I am seemingly able to find my way into some of their pants - which, incidentally are on sale. Some 30% off, some 40% and some for just $35. I purchased two pair of the $35 version yesterday and may be up for one more later today if they fit my lower half appropriately.

I also tried on the pictured dress (left side), which actually fit me and I almost bought, but just couldn't think of a good enough reason. The color and the material is great. You should go buy it. Then I will self-flagellate for not getting it when I had the chance.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. This is Yusako and Benjamin from personal affairs. Thank you so much for your kind review of our store[s].

We always enjoy the [usually] positive feedback from our customers regarding our clothes.

My sister Jessica designs these clothes with the contemporary on-the-go professional woman in mind.

Basically she uses herself as the model of her "audience" and it is working.

This is no Haute Couture for the Few but rather it is well-thought-out prĂȘt-a-porter for Real Women.

I am relating her thoughts as best I can here.

Anyway.. Thanks Again! We truly appreciate your kind words and your support of this budding enterprise of ours Stateside.

Yusako & Benjamin