Wednesday, June 13, 2007

La Boutique Resale - Madison Ave.

One of the best things about being a woman living on the Upper East Side - or so I have been told - is the easy access to scores of resale/consignment shops filled with last season's top designer castoffs.

So this past weekend among the Puerto Rican Day parade, I did my own parading along a few Madison Avenue blocks. After perusing Dolce & Gabbana (where, incidentally, there's a 40% off sale on shoes, bags and 'ready-to-wear') and falling dangerously in love with a pair of $275 sunglasses, I came upon La Boutique Resale. I think that is French for "The Resale Boutique."

Located on the second floor of 1045 Madison Avenue, LBR immediately struck me as particularly well-organized, something I very much appreciated. It is basically run and set up like a real-live retail store, making it very easy and enjoyable to peruse...and ultimately BUY. A brilliant marketing tactic, indeed.

While many of the choices seemed a bit "old" at first blush, a bit of digging revealed some fresh gems. I scored the pictured Nanette Lepore skirt for $47.20 and Fendi shoes for $74.40. I also purchased a brand new Andrew Urbain top for $35.40 - who knows how old it actually is, but it goes with the outfit! So for a total of $157 I own my first Fendi anything, my first Nanette L. skirt and my first (and probably last) Andrew U. anything. Not a bad accidental score.

Other locations include: 803 Lexington Ave. @62nd St., 2nd Fl. and 160 W. 72nd St. near Broadway (for men & women). The store manager explained that the west side location has "younger" styles and that I should go check it out. Bless him.

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