Monday, July 23, 2007

Can I eat well and cheaply on the Upper East Side?

Wow, so it seems that late July shopping is a bit "soft" - similar to my complaint about February. Just kind of a dead time - you've already bought most of your summer stuff and gone to relevant sales and you just aren't ready to start buying fall clothes and boots since it's still hot as blazes outside.

So what is a Guerilla Shopper supposed to do? Write about her second favorite topic: FOOD. I am somewhat astonished by the high price of food on the UES. I guess I shouldn't be, but I can't manage to get take out - my favorite kind of food - for less than $17 (and that's only if I pick it up myself so that I don't have to tip a delivery guy!). Does anyone have any suggestions for me - outside of eating pizza and bagels every night? Why isn't there a Teriyaki Boy up there, for example?


eye4style said...

Breakfast and brunch at The Barking Dog is tasty:)

El Ess said...

funny - I just ate there for the first time this weekend! It was good as are many diners in the area...good work Smithers!

Anonymous said...

there is a Teriyaki Boy 91/92 on 3 AV. Get in there !!!!!!