Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reports on Orla Keily sample sale

I visited the Orla Keily sample sale yesterday. And after being personally escorted up the warehouse-style elevator, I entered the large and well-presented warehousey room full of dresses, skirts, tops, bags, sneakers, sweaters and more. There is a loungey living room and a bar set up to one side. And racks of apparel on the other. It all looked quite nice.

But I am still old-school in that I feel like "sample sale" should mean really inexpensive. This stuff was not that. A skirt for $170 does not an unbelievable deal make. A small leather make-up-type tote for $60?

I'm sure it's all way cheaper than it would be at retail (they didn't show the retail prices), but I'm still not jumping for joy. Figures it's all London-based where everything is overpriced.


rebecca said...

I agree - everything was still expensive for the most part. I got a cute denim dress for a little over $100 and a big brown canvas bag for $50. It was hard to justify anything else...

Anonymous said...

There were lots of things I loved that were too expensive. However, I scored a great corduroy pencil skirt (practical for fall and winter!) for $67. Still worth a look, I think.