Monday, July 30, 2007

New Fashion-tainment Show Exclusively on HSN

From Miss Meghan, the shoe guru:

Big news my darlings!
Miss Meghan has a new show exclusively on the Home Shopping Network!

Shoe Therapy (TM) with Meghan Cleary officially debuts Monday, August 20 at 8 p.m. during HSN's Fall Fashion Week.

I am just so excited to share this news with you. The Home Shopping Network was the first to originate electronic retailing in 1977, and now 30 years later, with so many amazing brands and celebrities on their network from SCOOP to David Rodriguez to Teena Knowles, they are the very first to launch a shoe show like this.

With 89 million viewers, and an amazing new website launching August 2, the amount of shoe fun we can have together will be absolutely limitless!

So whether you are a Stiletto girl, a Wedge girl, a Ballet Flat or a Loafer girl, whether you are a shoe size 12 or 5 1/2, tune in to Shoe Therapy (TM) to find something special you won't find anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Meghan.. I love your book and I love your advise on shoes.. I really think that shoes tell you a lot about a person.. You can tell if the take care of them selves by how they treat their shoes and how a man will take care of a woman.. If they don't care how their shoes are then they may not care much about you.. See ya Renee