Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mexx Closing in the U.S.

I've written about Mexx on these e-pages before, questioning if this apparel retailer could sustain itself in NYC. Well, we now have our answer: No. As a Mexx credit card holder, I received a letter this week explaining the following:

"We want to let you know that all four Mexx retail stores in the U.S. will be closing:
  • Georgetown, DC - Closes June 24
  • Soho, NY - Closes June 24
  • Tysons Corner Center, VA - Closes July 31
  • Fifth Avenue, NY - Closes early-September

This is simply a business decision we have made to focus corporate resources on other proven brands within our Liz Claiborne Inc. portfolio. It does not, however, change our global commitment to Mexx, which is a leading global lifestyle brand."

Yada yada yada. So, I'm thinking there will probably be some significant sales at the Mexx on Fifth Avenue between now and Labor Day. Might I suggest you take advantage?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lead. I really liked Mexx - always got tons of compliments when I wore their clothes.