Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lexington Candy Shop

Eat, drink, and spend a fair amount of money at this very old school luncheonette on Lexington and 83rd St.

Open Monday - Saturday, 7a - 7p, the Lexington Candy Shop is a step into the past, save the PRICES, which are more of a step into the future, but I'll get to that later. Whether sitting at the counter or one of the booths, you can order sandwiches, shakes, sodas and the like - they even mix their own soda! I ordered a diet coke and watched as the guy squirted syrup followed by seltzer into my glass. They also make lemonade the old-fashioned way, although I didn't order it seeing how a large costs $5.70! And a turkey club?...$12.75! Along with my diet coke, I ordered a cheese omelet, which came with toast (but no potatoes). Skeptical at first, it was actually quite tasty. But my order costs $10.40 (and remember, no potatoes), which is a bit on the high side, seeing that you can get the same and more at most diners throughout the city for $3-$4 less.

So you go here and pay for the nostalgia. Which isn't a bad thing in this day and age of chain stores and fast food. So maybe it's worth it. And the sign over the Lotto machine which reads, "Please, Lord let me prove to you that I can win the lottery and still remain humble" may make it even more worthy.

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