Monday, July 02, 2007

Upper East Side: Cool Food & Drink

From my relatively cool friend who hails from Texas, when I asked where a chick like I could go in this new 'hood of mine. Here's his advice:

There's a good saki bar on 76th & 1st (Haru-across from the restaurant). I like the Heidelberg (86-ish & 2nd Avenue) for awesome polka fun. Sushi of Gari (78th btwn 1st & York) is awesome for sushi. J.G. Melon's (74th & 3rd) is the best burger I've had in the city, but it's always packed. La Tour is a cool Belgian/French place on 3rd Ave between 75th & 76th (see photo). My favorite Irish bar is on 85th and York (don't remember the name but it's a great Irish bar). My favorite trash bar is Cabin Fever at 76th and York. Best Mexican food in the city is El Paso at 97th St. between Park and Madison. I love going for swankie drinks at Lexington Bar & Books at 74th and Lex (or 73rd?) or at the hotel bar at the Carlyle (Madison and 76th St--sometimes a cover charge).

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