Wednesday, April 02, 2008

37" LCD TVs Worth Buying: Sharp & LG

I have been on a 3-month quest for the perfect flatscreen 37-inch LCD TV. I took this project on very seriously, as I realized this would be the first new TV I ever bought myself in my life. I researched, I discussed, I even came close to purchasing other models, but it seems that the Sharp Aquos LC-37D62U or the LG 37LB5D are the best bets. I also felt that the 37" size was best for a New York City apartment - not too big, but you will certainly see a difference, literally.

You can find both of these models for sale online for - in some cases - low and vastly varying prices. However, if you live in NYC and don't have the doorman luxury, I would suggest heading over to B&H on 9th Ave. near 33rd St. They have decent prices and you won't have to pay delivery or tip the driver. You will, however, need to get yourself over there and take a cab back home. Also, know that B&H is closed for the sabbath early every Friday and all day Saturday (and is also closed the entire week of Passover), so plan your trip accordingly. They are open from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on most Sundays, however, so that adds a convenience factor.

I would tell you which one I bought, but I am no corporate shill! You must take my wise words and make your own decisions.

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Jerry said...


Four years ago - or three, if memory fails - I purchased a store display model of the Sharp Aquos LC-xxxx at B&O (Bang & Olufson) on Broadway and 21st for the close to then wholesale price of $749. This while comparable units were $1200 for a 21". I purchased a cantilever wall mount (which I can't rave enough about) and I only have raves for it. I did my due diligence years back to discover that LCD's, not plasma's, were going to last longer because of burn-in and fidelity. I'm glad to have been right. Enjoy. Oh - If you have a problem - as I did due to my own negligence - there's a specialist in the Murray Hill area. Cheers, JW