Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ike Designs: Black Diamond Necklace

Ike Designs: The Black Diamond Necklace

Local Williamsburg jewelry designer, Dori O'Dea (aka Ike Designs Jewelry), is offering a limited supply of sterling silver black diamond necklaces online only for $95.00 + $8.00 S&H.

Did you know that black diamonds originated in dying stars, when shock waves from exploding red giant stars crushed carbon into dense aggregations of black diamond and sent them hurtling into deep space? Eons later, the Sun's gravity lured some of this material into our solar system, where blocks of it slammed into our atmosphere, shattering into the fragments we find strewn over select areas today, perhaps billions of years after they formed! Interested in wearing the ancient solar system around your neck?

Visit and buy it online.

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