Monday, April 07, 2008

The Stickley Furniture Challenge

At long last my furniture from Stickley Audi was to arrive last Thursday. I took the morning off of work, pushed the old furniture (that I still haven't managed to rid myself of) aside and prepped for the arrival of my new family members. And then the call came in, "The driver broke his thumb, we can't come today."

Sigh...Such build up, and such a let down. BUT all was not lost, for they promised to come the next day, which they did and...

...the loveseat/sleeper sofa would not fit through the door. Not horizontally, not vertically, not diagonally. Solution #1: The feet had to be removed. Unfortunately solution number one did not appear to be the solution. The door knob was still in the way. But the devoted delivery guys - one with a broken thumb - managed to lift the seat of love up over the knob and eventually put it in its rightful place in the living room.

I am so loving my new furniture. I will be loving it even more once I can unload my old furniture (if you want a futon/loveseat, wicker recliner or speaker stands, please let me know!) and manipulate the feng shui to my liking.

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