Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Perry Tailoring: "He's Rad"

Hey You Guuuuuyyyyssss!!! I have been given a special insider's tidbit from a man I have only met on IM. But he sought me out today to disclose an important bit of information for the boys. It's called Perry Tailoring, and here's what he tells me, in real time:

he is indian, born and raised in london
went to london school of fashion
works in little 150 sq ft shop
on 6th fl of non descript buidling
he's rad
160 broadway
6th fl
perry tailoring

1 comment:

love art said...

He is a good taylor, but he doesn't know what is in style, so I had to keep going back bc the cut wasn't right. Also, he nickel and dimes you...just because he says something will be included, doesn't mean he won't charge you for it (happened a few times now).