Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brooklyn Flea Market is...


I mean there were a few unique things, but most of it was stuff that you see at other flea markets. And not while not wildly overpriced, certainly not cheap. For example, there were some really interesting, seemingly high quality, vases and mirrors, but for $195 and $600 respectively? Come on! Also, I was hoping that Brooklyn would kick out more jams hard core-style - like a booth selling custom-made leather lingerie or something. But alas, there wasn't too much of that, with slight exceptions:
  • Wrecords by Monkey - Handmade recycled record accessories (see pic.) - interesting decorated wrist cuffs made out of old records that made me feel wonder-womanlyish when I tried a few on.
  • Mohawk Studios - Welding, fabricating and custom steel creations. If I had managed to make my apartment more urban-hard-rock, I would have bought some of this guy's stuff - interesting coffee tables, chairs and other creations that appeared to be a bit torture chamber-like. Oh and giant bugs made out of railroad ties and nails.
  • Celle Adore - Perfumes that smelled 100% like girl. Uncommon scents.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the soy-based candles, one of which you actually bought. Al Gore would be very proud--dz