Friday, May 04, 2007

Dynamints & Bottle Caps

I love candy from the 80s. Not chocolate, but the sugary, bright, sweet stuff including Volcano Rocks, Spree, Tart'n'Tinys, Pez, Bottle Caps and Dynamints (pictured here)!

Most of these fantastic candies are discontinued or don't exist in their original configuration any more...except you can still get a big ol' box of Bottle Caps at the Target on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Yes, I make up other excuses to go there, but what I'm really after are my Bottle Caps. You can take the subway and everything.

However, seeing how I was chauferred in a Benz to work this morning from my current temporary home, perhaps I can get them to motor me on over there this weekend. Why not? I'm living up the absurd anyway...


jayfader said...

um can i do a guest candy blog? LOL: neccos, coffee nips need i say more! h

Brian Pipa said...

good lord I love bottle caps (and other similar candy from the 80s) - I need to do a post on Bottle Caps ;)