Thursday, May 31, 2007

Upper Worst Side Shopping

Wow, Columbus Avenue sucks. I remember back in the day when going shopping over there was a creative and sensory joy. OK, perhaps this is me glorifying the 80s once again, but I don't think so. Betsey Johnson is still there, and like I have said before, she seems to have somewhat sold out. The clothes and the staff are "nice," but they don't tend to kick ass as they once did. I found the only black pants and sweater in the joint, amidst a sea of pretty frilly dresses in sherbert colors. I think that the Betsey of the 80s would kick the current Betsey's ass and not even bother to take her name.

I am moving tomorrow, which means that I should also be getting some of my clothes back this weekend, which also means that I may be able to get some of my old life back, i.e. shopping and a computer?! I shall take one thing at a time. Bear with me!

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