Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kifka + Heller: Custom Couture

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I was traversing the west 40s and was struck by a little shop at 445 W. 49th St. I was lured in by the colors and designs beckoning to me through the windows.

I entered and was immediately ensnared. They had me at hello. So I thought it wise to try a few things on and quickly commissioned the lovely and talented Scott Stargardt to make me the dress that you see in the photo on the right.

It is extremely excellent and even reversible! "Wheat" on one side (pictured) and "Chocolate Brown" on the other, this little number will literally take me from day to evening with merely a quick flip around. Oh and the sash is simple and perfect - I just need him to tie it for me as I do not have the knack for such detail!

What was really so great about the whole experience was: a. they are totally cool and accommodating, b. it's not insanely expensive, c. I somehow fit into the sample size, and d. well "d" is a little secret between Scott and me but let's just say he helped me to further enhance my outfit in a ways that would have cost me extra time and money. And he didn't even know I was the Guerilla Shopper until halfway through our second meeting!

This place is legit...get over there and check it out - dresses, skirts, tops - all different colors, designs, fabrics...and it is somehow all the better for being located in the W. 40s and not a more "obvious" neighborhood.

This is what NYC is all about -- help keep New York cool.

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MKNJ said...

Absolutely beautiful dress and perfect for you!!