Monday, May 21, 2007

Wear Green

I finally had opportunity to visit my favorite store, Les Nanas, yesterday...since I am no longer living in the 'hood (at least for the time being), it no longer falls on my regular route.
I bought two new items for spring/summer - one being a green tank top, artistically displayed here. Whenever I see someone wearing this shade of green, I think, "wow, what a great shade of green." But I have never owned anything in such a hue. Well, I am now thoroughly recommending that you run out and buy something kelly green, because somehow my cotton tank top looks royal and regal and as though I could wear it to the Oscars!
I also bought a great tunic/top/dress - bascially however you want to wear it is what it becomes. A great score indeed.

Oh, what's up with the gargoyles? They were watching over me and my friends this weekend at my birthday party in Nyack. Thank you for protecting us from the rain that held off until 10 p.m!

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jayfader said...

it was in NYACK? im so freaking jealous!