Monday, May 14, 2007

Mets Express

OK, OK, so this is not a "shopping" story per se, but it was cause for such a great Saturday that I just have to write about it here: The Mets Express.

A group of us somehow all got together before noon on a Saturday and jumped on the New York Water Taxi's Mets Express, which makes stops at the South St. Seaport, 34th St. and 90th St. - all along the East River - and cruises you past Riker's Island and LaGuardia Airport all the way to Shea Stadium.

Both the ferry AND the snack shack at the dock near Shea provide BEER, a key point of interest for most of the people in my group.

Points of note: make advance reservations for the Mets Express ($18 round trip) and remember to buy yourselves tickets to the actual game as well (they can still be gotten for $11!).
It may be the most aesthetically displeasing boat trip on the face of the planet, but somehow it works. Or perhaps I am just blindly in love. With New York...whatever it has to offer me!

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