Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fat Pig! (BBQ in Williamsburg)

Many fun times were had and inappropriate commentaries made the other night at Fette Sau, the Williamsburg BBQ joint on Metropolitan Ave. I'm not exactly sure why I continue to find myself at so many barbeque restaurants these days, but it does seem have become something of a raging culinary trend in our fair city.

With seating both inside and out, this place offers big giant plates of meat and sides to be shared at solid picnic tables. I loved the pickles. Others couldn't get enough potato salad. But what seemed to tickle everyone's fancy the most were the jugs o' brew. Real giant jugs. Filled with beer. Really!

Fette Sau also offers a mighty selection of Bourbons and some wines, but after we drank for free while watching everyone's favorite local band, Shiny Shoes, at Trash Bar, some wiser (and more sober) heads prevailed. Beer it was.

Apparently this place is packed to the rafters on most days and nights. So go at around 10 p.m. - the selection of food will likely be smaller, but you should be able to get a table and chow down among your posse.

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