Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ayla: The Anti-Cowboy Boots

I am not a fan of cowboy boots. But I am a fan of these boots that have a cowboy "spirit." Brought to you by the calf- (no pun intended) friendly Ayla boots, this pair, known as "Rodeo" provides the city slicker with a way to wear some sh*t stompers in style.

And if I haven't yet sold you with my delicate approach, let me remind you that they are both made-to-order AND reasonably priced ($159)! This style provides a little extra room around the leg that allows you to easily tuck your pants into the boots if you so choose. And they come in black too, if you so choose that!

I just received this pair in the mail via UPS and frolicked about my apartment (sorry downstairs neighbors) listening to some cowboy music, pretending I was line dancing in Kansas. OK I am 100% lying, but I thought it might make for a good visual.
And I still wish they had size 8.5!


Anonymous said...

Those boots are beyond cool. Thx to your post, I just bought a pair and they look great with the jeans tucked in. THX!

Harmony said...

ur post is making me want to buy these too, if u wanted an 8.5, does that mean u bought an 8 or a 9? i dont know what size to buy

Guerilla Shopper said...

I actually got both sizes and then decided to go with the smaller one (the 8) because they are big and wide enough - and the bigger size made my feet look like bigger boats than they already are!