Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I call B.S. on some Discount Stores

I recently read an article about how some discount stores that claim to have top designers at low, low prices are in fact selling sub-par apparel to the masses. "Hmmmmmmmm...." I thought to myself. Could this be true? So I did a little investigation at a Filene's Basement and Marshalls and have come to the conclusion that it is true. I tried on Kors by Michael Kors at one, and looked at Tahari suits at the other. The clothes were crap.

The same article mentioned that the only places that you can be sure to find the real deal for less are sample sales or Century 21. Shoot. I guess I believe it, but shopping those is a real nightmare pain in the ass.

I guess the lesson is to be very discerning when considering purchasing "designer" clothing for less - if you think about it, how could all of these discount chain stores that continue to pop up all over the country carry top-of-the-line apparel? It's just not rational. I'm not necessarily saying that these stores are selling false or counterfeit goods, it could be that the designers are licensing out their names to mass manufacturers who are creating select items using less expensive materials and designs.

Since so many of these labels are owned by publicly traded companies, they have to continue to figure out new ways to make more money year after year. So be a smart consumer and don't be "had!"

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