Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fashion Overload: H&M, Frye, National Jean Co., Burberry

Wow, there's so much good stuff going on, I am just going to throw it out there for you in an blog-collage:
H&M is opening today at 42nd & Madison. Apparently there were lines at the doors in the wee hours.

Frye, those old sorta dyke-y boots of the 70s are kicking it large with some amazing styles and seemingly top-quality leather. I viewed several styles at Lord & Taylor last night.

The National Jean Co. is opening on the Upper East Side next month, and there's a grand opening party on October 11. See details on attachment.

And in closing, outside of the annoying "plaid" that has been beaten to death and then re-beaten, Burberry clothes really do kick ace. Check out the blue on the dress pictured above.


NotSoPlainJane said...

LOVE those Frye booties! I'm definitely going to check out Lord and Taylor when I'm in NY next weekend to pick up a pair. Thanks for the recommendation!

El Ess said...

Not So Plain: I saw the tall boots there, but not sure that the booties are in the L&T house.
However, there were many styles and other great shoes, so you should make the trip over there regardless. Amazing Nanette Lapore clothing too, but the GS can't afford those.