Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rachel Flotard Rocks the Mike

For my second musical outing of the weekend, I had the great good fortune to see my good friend Rachel Flotard, who is usually the lead songstress of Seattle-based Visqueen do her best Billie Holiday in front of Jon Rauhouse and his band of merry men (who are incredible musicians who you need to see and/or hear, I might add).

We saddled up to the tables at the Living Room - after having to hand our IDs over to the doorman who put them in some portable machine...has anyone seen one of these before? What the hell is that all about? Is big brother now keeping track of what bars I go to? Good grief Charlie Brown.

Anyway, back to the important musical issue at hand...I was pretty much astounded by Rachel's singing voice and ability. It's like there are two people living inside of her, one with her regular Flotard speaking voice, and the other with this unbelievable singing talent that I can hardly grasp. I guess this is what happens when you go to high school with someone, you all still think of each other as being 16 years old and half-retarded.

RoFlo is not only multi-talented in the realm of music, but she also doubles as a hilarious stand-up, providing great rapport with the audience and her bandmates throughout the set. Basically if you don't fall in love with her voice, you will fall in love with her personality, and more than likely: BOTH.

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