Monday, September 24, 2007

Robert Polet's 5 Tips on How to be Stylish

...and the Guerilla Shopper's italicized commentary.

Do you know who Robert Polet is? He is the CEO of Gucci who used to be the head of ice cream and frozen food at Unilever. Read the Wall Street Journal for Bob's sake (page B2)! Drumroll...

1. Splurge on high-quality fabric and leather. "Two years ago, I put all my sweaters away in a cupboard and went out and bought myself 10 cashmere sweaters in the same colors I'd had before." (Yo, Bob, so then can I get those sweaters you stashed in the cupboard? My elderly father is cold.)
2. Match your watch to your mood. (I guess I'm always pissed off.)
3. Stay up to speed with technology. His most recent gadget: a BlackBerry 8800. (My most recent gadget is one of those new-fangled "cordless" phones.)
4. Feel at ease in fashion. "I had a pair of flashy leopard-print loafers from Yves Saint Laurent--in fact they're so flashy, I don't wear them today." (Nor would I. Most of my Yves wardrobe is relatively conservative.)
5. Dress down on vacation. On his sailboat this summer, "I didn't put on socks for three-and-a-half weeks." (This guy is zany. Is Gucci sure they want someone so off-the-wall in charge?)

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