Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Southern Hospitality

OK so another BBQ joint has recently opened in NYC. The draw on this one? JT is an investor (Justin Timberlake). While we all might agree that JT is merely Joey Lawrence with a bit of an edge, I can't get enough of this guy. In fact, it was enough to get me to go to Southern Hospitality on the Upper East Side. Well, that and the fact that I currently dwell about four blocks away.

So what's my take on this joint? Eh. It was fine. The food was fine. The service was kind of weak. There were 15 of us, so that may have presented some service challenges and issues, but stuff like there being almost no BBQ sauce on the table is kind of unforgivable at a BBQ restaurant.

It left me with the vibe like it could have (and perhaps should have) been a chain restaurant in the mall.

Sorry JT, stick to cranking out better than average pop music and videos.

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