Friday, September 07, 2007

Book: Think Like a Guy

I just heard about this book: Think Like a Guy by that crazy-I'm-not-sure-if-in-a-good-way-or-crazy-way-looking E! News Anchor, Guiliana DePandi.

Basically, in a completely non-academic conversational way, much like the tone of this blog, but not as genius, Ms. DePandi tells it to the ladies straight: Times have changed, so don't act like a little girl - even if you feel like it - or you will likely not end up with the guy that you want.
She's actually somewhat entertaining and seems pretty normal. (Trust that this is a compliment, coming from me.)

So basically take the George Costanza approach and do the opposite of what you normally do when trying to get or keep a guy you are crazy about, and you just may see things go your way. If nothing else, it probably can't be worse than what you've already been doing and (not) getting.

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