Monday, December 18, 2006

Astor Wines & Spirits: Office Gifts

Every year I seem to grapple with the issue of office gifts...Should I? Shouldn't I? If yes, for whom? Sometimes you get pulled into the "Secret Santa" scenario...and, well, what the hell do you buy someone who you really hardly know (or like)?

I found my answer this year in Astor Wines & Spirits. I hadn't visited since it moved a couple blocks down Lafayette to the corner of 4th St. If you haven't been there yet - GO. It's much MUCH bigger and nicer and easier to manuever than in its former location on Lafayette and Astor Pl. (except now maybe they have to change their name to "4th St." ha, ha.)

Also, they have really good deals on wines and liquors. I called ahead to make sure that they had what I was looking for to be sure, and then I went in and was assisted by some very nice, efficient salespeople and was on my way. Of course, lugging 6 giant bottles to the subway and then to my apartment was a challenge in weight-lifting, but had I taken a cab, I would have rendered my money-saving trip downtown pointless! Now I'm trying to work on getting those bottles into the office without pulling my arms out of their sockets.

I can't tell you just yet what I bought, in the unlikely event that the 5 people I work with read this blog. But let's just say I lassoed some big bottles of liquid at a low price. AND...and they gave me enough free gift bags to make each one look snazzy.

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