Thursday, December 28, 2006

Club Monaco: Cheap Suits

I know, I know. I am obsessed with Club Monaco. Scorn not, novice Guerillas, for I am doing this for the greater good.

Among many other fine gifts, the Guerilla Parents presented me with a gift card redeemable at Club Monaco, so really, they are the enablers. Anyway, as I had written a few days ago, there is a big fab sale going on at "the Club." So run, don't walk.

For example, I purchased this suit for $70! The jacket had cost $199, I got it for $39.99. The skirt (which has to be tried on to be fully appreciated) had cost $109, but found its way into my home for a mere $29.99. There are two other colors also available - blue and greyish/black, but I am ever so grateful to have gotten it in brown as my other brown suit was eight years old and boasted big shoulder pads of "Working Girl" proportions. Not the most flattering look.

Once again, C.M. saves the day...

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