Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Xmas Dinner: John's of 12th St. Fun, but kind of sucks

As we sometimes do, my friends and I from the motherland, also known lovingly as New Jersey, New Jerusalem or Neu Jeru went out for dinner to celebrate the holidays at John's of 12th St. (near 2nd Ave.). We often seem to end up at this Italian "joint," mainly because it's easier than thinking of somewhere else to go. Well, that, and it does cater (especially on weekends) to random groups of loud kinfolk - sort of a free-for-all, which is pretty much what we require.

This year there was a giant table of gay men with moustaches wearing leather seated behind us. While next to us, was a quiet couple who spoke no more than 4 words to each other. So it's sort of an intergalactic meeting place for anyone who needs a home.

I think that we originally started going to John's many years ago because it was cheap and the food was really good. Well, it's no longer that cheap, and the food is probably on par with "Italian Night" in the Army. We got a couple of orders of garlic bread, I had 2 glasses of wine, lemon chicken (an entree of steamed chicken swimming in warm lemon soup) and tiramisu. That cost me $50. Not an exorbitant fee, but I've had much better for less.

I think we need some new ideas!


MKNJ said...

I have to agree GS, that this was not one of my finest dining experiences...the service was mediocre at best, and my Shrimp Parm (which I believe you did try as well) was nothing in comparison to a local NJ place named Rudys, which we all hold near and dear to our hearts.

I say next time we go back to Blue Fin!

Flip Flambe said...

This restaurant is obviously possessed by the devil. The entire thing. Even the spoons are possessed by the devil. That Tiramasu you ate GS, it was possessed by the devil. My chicken frances, the garlic bread. All, possessed by the devil. Sure, demonically possessed pork chops taste good, and look good hangin' out on your plate, but there's nothing more messed up than eerie nutrition. Did anyone notice that Binkly's Tartufo had the number of the beast in it's hard chocolate shell? That restaurant needs an Eggsxorcist.