Friday, December 15, 2006

Save Money by Making Strategic Friends

I don't have a photo of the kinds of friends or goods I'm about to discuss, but that's merely to protect the innocent...I think that to truly live the life of a Guerilla Shopper, one needs to seek friends who have influence over or jobs at places that will enhance YOUR material needs. This includes clothes, shoes, food, drink, jewelry, furniture...anything that might help you to get free or cheap stuff. I have managed to do this and I have oft been rewarded with goods that made my day and helped me hold on to a few dollars for a couple of days longer than I would have otherwise.

Now, as any savvy person knows, to get you have to give give give. So figure out what you have to offer others (try to keep it legal) and GIVE. Teach them how to swing dance, how to cook, help people get jobs or boy/girlfriends. Provide them with ideas they would have never considered before. Invite them to parties...whatever it is, do it and the rewards will befall you 10-fold!

However, don't do something stupid and say, "hey, I showed you how to make borscht last weekend, the least you could do for me is get me front row tickets to see the Earth Wind and Fire reunion show - you work at Radio City, WTF?!"

Be patient! Give out of a real feeling of enthusiasm and wanting to share. Only then will abundance flow your way.

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