Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An Ren: Falling Down the Charts

Remember when I sang the praises of An Ren, the women's clothing boutique located at 315 East 9th St., a couple of months ago? Where I found the "coat that saved me" for an acceptable price?


As you can see from the pictured button, I need some help...for the giant, unique button on coatie cracked during dry cleaning and is no longer functional. It is not a button that is easily replaced.

So I went in personally with the button, the coat, my card, AND a print out of the blog page on which I was so very complimentary towards the store and the great coats and other designs and explained my problem to the saleswoman.

A week passed and I didn't hear from them. So I called. The same saleswoman assured me that the owner herself was coming in and would be dealing with all customer issues in the next day or two. I checked to make sure that she still had my contact information, which she did.

I have NEVER heard back.

So I have taken it upon myself for the time being to move a less utilized button to the place where this much needed button used to live. But I am not particularly happy about or impressed with the service.



El Ess said...

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM GUERILLA SHOPPER: I did finally get my button from An Ren. It did take about 7 months...but I got it. So all's well in coatland.


Lisa said...

FYI - Next time, try Tender Buttons on the east side. They have every button imaginable. Thousands of them -- vintage, haute couture, everything.