Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lord & Taylor: Coat & Jacket SALE

Hi all, I'm finally back at the command center and wanted to show you the first of many excellent achievements.

The Guerilla Parents ever so kindly braved the jungle, otherwise known as Paramus, NJ, to find me, the Baby Guerilla, a winter jacket of the hooded, waterproof, ski bunny kind. They purchased a jacket at Lord & Taylor that was tremendously fabulous, however was a bit too small for a guerilla.

So in a rare NJ retail mall appearance, the Guerilla Shopper took it upon herself to zoom around northern NJ in an effort to make an excellent exchange. I found the perfect replacement (pictured above) from everyone's favorite, Calvin Klein. Not only does this form-fitting, hooded, down-filled gem provide warmth and style - IT WAS 50% OFF! Meaning that it cost $72.50, which was a big great huge savings for the Guerilla Parents who had spent way too much on their original purchase (but only in an effort to ensure that I had the best guerilla suit possible to stay warm in the winter months - if it ever gets cold!).
So everyone won, and I even got to buy a whole kitchen full of NJ-based groceries with the difference, which the GPs ever so thoughtfully donated. Another huge score - and you NYC dwellers know what I'm talking about when it comes to the allure of cheap groceries. Let's eat bananas!

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