Friday, December 08, 2006

Target: Coming to Manhattan

OK, so a little bunny (see pic.) has informed me that Target is in fact slated to grace us islanders with its presence as soon as 2008, which could mean in 13 months. So says the New York Post (so I guess this isn't a secret, and I should have known!):
Best Buy is coming to East River Plaza.
The electronics retailer took 45,000 square feet in the East Harlem shopping center that is now under construction. While they will be located on half the third floor, Home Depot is already signed up for the entire first floor while Target has the second.

So don't skip town just yet, it might be worth your $4,000-a-month rent to stick around after all!

In other fun news (from New York magazine's "Fashion Alert" daily email, which you should probably just read instead of my blog anyway):

H&M continues its domination of Manhattan with the opening of its seventh store. The latest location throws its doors open with free T-shirts and 20 percent off all merchandise. When: Noon-8; Where: 111 Fifth Ave., at 18th St. (212-539-1741). [G.S. Note: This is the spot where the sucky Daffy's used to be.]

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Mark said...

Does Target sell panties? Britney says she likes the new Victoria's Secret line. What do you think?