Thursday, December 07, 2006

Furniture/Housewares: Target

Word on the street is that the Jersey City Target is the best one in the NY Metro area. I've been to it, as well as the one and Brooklyn and the one way out in Queens (or is that still Brooklyn?) Anyway, this word is from a friend who does the PR for - so she knows! I believe she told me that "Chill Town" is the best because it's the biggest and has the most variety of merchandise.

Anyway, I found myself at Target during one of my many efforts to find seemingly interesting and quality furniture at a reasonable price and found this pictured piece. In fact, I found two of them (I think they were around $70 each) and another smaller one and bought all three. Target's "World Bazaar" is all the rage - check it out and turn your mundane American home into an Opium Den or some such exotic setting.

Also, after many trials and tribulations ( really has to work on their packing skills) I got a full set of new dishes - turquoise! In fact, I now have almost 2 sets of new dishes because each box would arrive with one or two plates or bowls broken in a box of four. So we'd call to complain and they'd send another whole box of four, and one or two of those would be broken. And so on and so on... Finally I received everything and now have about 14 dinner plates, 11 bowls, 12 salad plates and 5 mugs (instead of 8 of each). I love the dishes...and the price...but not the experience so much!

Alas, when are the good people of Target going to find a suitable Manhattan location? Just don't boot Lord & Taylor out (uh-oh...I may have just started something here...).

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