Thursday, November 09, 2006

Barbara Feinman Millinery Gives Good Hat

Great hats, jewelry and accessories dot the boutique known as Barbara Feinman Millinery on 66 E. 7th St. Although the prices in here are not exactly of the discounted kind, the quality and service makes up for the difference.

Last year I purchased the partially pictured hat/scarf combination, which has served me tremendously well. Listen up, as this is coming from a known hat-0-phobe. The colors, the soft materials and the design have won me over and I think that I am on a road to recovery. I am willing to accept hat head in exchange for a stylish dome. In fact, I am thinking about returning to the boutique to peruse other hat options.

Additionally, the good people at BFM custom-made me a shrug made from an interesting metallic lace material to wear in my friend's non-traditional wedding. Their recommendations and attention to detail and service were impressive and made me feel good about my purchase. This is key in the retail/fashioin business, and yet, so often overlooked!

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