Friday, November 03, 2006

Marc Jacobs: all over DSW

Attention all shoppers! I visited DSW in Union Square last weekend and was surprised by the vast Marc Jacobs selection - both shoes and boots. There is a lot to choose from and his style certainly makes him a stand-out among most other designers. In fact, I spied the perfect pair of grey pumps to match the suit I bought a few months ago. However, while the shoes were about 42% off retail, the G.S. is still not prepared to spend $400 on a pair of shoes...But for you gals who have that kind of cash, or feel your money is weighing you down, I suggest taking a trip.

AND! Because you are such a loyal reader, I have a little secret for you:
Go up, a few floors higher to the Filene's Basement shoe department, and you'll find some of the same shoes that you saw in DSW. The prices seem to be pretty much congruent, but if you can't find your size in have options just a couple floors away. Including the grey Marc Jacobs pumps that I can't afford!

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