Monday, November 27, 2006


A penny saved is...another penny you can use to spend on clothes! I have always saved my pennies and turned them in for legal tender once I built up some critical mass. A year or so ago I became frustrated by the change-making machines a la Coinstar located in NYC supermarkets - not only do they take a percentage of your moola (7-8 percent?), but they are regularly out of commission. Not something that made the G.S. happy -- marching about town with a huge bag of change seemed somehow noble at first, but then just got tiresome. I went from a happy elf to a pissed off Hamburglar.

This is when I did some research and found out about the Penny Arcade at Commerce Bank. The Penny Arcade is a free coin counting service provided for both customers and non-customers (all coins, not just pennies). You simply drop your coins into the Penny Arcade and after the coins are counted, a receipt is generated, which you take to a teller for cash or for deposit into a Commerce account. For the location nearest to you call 1-888-751-9000.

An added bonus, at least the last time I was there, is that if you guess how much your change is worth within a couple of dollars, you win a prize! A prize beyond your wildest dreams! A red plastic "C is for Commerce" piggy bank (pictured)! Not only a brilliant marketing idea, but a real incentive to save...

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Anonymous said...

Great advice, just read this, called the Commerce Bank number (no menus! A live person! I was so shocked I couldn't get any words out for a second). She told me the nearest bank location, I went in, emptied all my change and walked out with crisp notes! Took about 20 minutes door to door. I've never had such an easy deal with a bank, made me wish I could unglue myself from bloodsucking Chase and switch to Commerce! (But that's way too much effort!)