Sunday, November 12, 2006

Todaro Brothers: My Hero

I love roast beef heroes. They must be on long hero rolls with tomato, salt and pepper, and mayonaise (yes, I am a white girl and love the mayo). I first came upon this kind of fine cuisine at the German deli "downtown" where I grew up. I put "downtown" in quotes because it features about 7 stores total.

Anyway, I have had hits and misses in my efforts to replace the lost hero...and as such, I have determined that Todaro Brothers on Second Ave. fills a gaping meat void. Adorned in bloody white butcher lab coats, the guys at Todaro Bros. are old-school - eager to fulfill your every half pound desire, be it meat, cheese, fish, pickles, or a beautiful combination of the aforementioned on bread, also known lovingly as sandwich.


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