Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Old Navy - Flip Flops & Tank Tops

Old Navy is good for flip flops and tank tops. I can't get enough of either -- so many colors and styles for a great price. And I really do enjoy going to the store on 6th Avenue in Chelsea - it's like a giant supermarket with clothes and stuff where the produce should be.

I WANT Old Navy clothes to fit me. It would be GRAND if I could create a mini-wardrobe, because the prices are so on target (pun intended). However, I can't seem to get this stuff to work for me. If the waist fits the hips are huge. If the size is right and it's on special sale, I can't get it over my knees. And what happened to their hilarious commercials? After this rant I guess I can assume that they won't be contacting me to replace Morgan Fairchild.

But wait! They also have great kitschy items near check out, including sunglasses, beach towels, necklaces, zany wrapping paper and more. It's just the actual clothes that I take issue with.

Most of all, I hope you, the lucky reader, enjoys a photo of worn flip flops. Artistic though, right? RIGHT?!

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