Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sexxy Mexx-y

Mexx is Club Monaco's unkempt (German) cousin. I like Mexx well enough, and you can get good deals by signing up for the store credit card (be careful with store credit cards though, read my post from October!). Additionally, they offer many sale items upstairs in their midtown-Fifth Ave. location. But I find it odd that they are located along the same strip as St. John, Versace and Gucci. I was going to suggest that they relocate downtown on Broadway because I feel like their demographic is more trendy college/post-college, but then I checked and they DO have a location downtown on Broadway (between Spring and Broome). So while I'm late to the party, my savvy strategic shopping mind is on point.

My other issue is that some of their clothes are generally disposable, meaning that I feel they are too trendy and I don't find that they are very well-made. The colors fade, garments tend to lose their shape, materials lack "staying power." However, to be fair and balanced, I do own several Mexx pieces and have also purchased very well-priced Mexx items at Loehmann's - a black dress, pants and skirt - and they have served me pretty well.

I guess my feelings about Mexx are as schizophrenic as I feel their clothes are. It must be some kind of German plot to confuse us.

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