Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kenneth Cole Gold Boots Befitting a Superhero!

Cheesey? Maybe... Boring? Hardly... Ignorable? NEVER! I recently picked up this pair of gold Kenneth Cole boots at his beloved outlet in Secaucus, NJ. FOR THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

I don't care what you say or think. They are fabulous, stylish and comfortable and, when I wear them, I feel like a superhero! Or maybe the FTD Mercury logo guy, at the very least. Either way you can wear them straight up or folded over. With a skirt or pants. And funnily (funnily?) enough, the color is a neutral -- meaning it goes with practically everything.

Now color is one thing, but style is another. Meaning I wouldn't be caught dead in these with any kind of formal wear, and probably not any delicate-material skirt. I may be periodically flashy, but I'm not tasteless!
I gotta zoom on outta here in my gold boots and get back over to the Seacaucus's been too long!

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